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Outsourced Mobile Inspection Survey (OMIS)

Outsourced Mobile Inspection Survey (OMIS) is a multichannel business-to-business digital banking solution offering the following key features:

  1. mobile App for field inspection of bank-financed assets (cars, equipment, commodities) procured by business customers such as automotive dealers, manufacturing companies, equipment dealers.
  2. API-based integration with upstream banking system to receive new inspection jobs to be carried out by in-house teams or outsourced companies.
  3. A web application that allows banking staff to customize inspection attributes and asset images to be collected in different inspection activities.
  4. A Mobile application for performing inspection activities such as asset image capture, asset data verification and correction, geo-tracking and inspection record submission.
  5. Web-based review and rejection/acceptance of inspection data submitted from the mobile app.
  6. Final submission of inspection data to the bank for loan processing.